We provide key leadership roles on HR systems related projects. These include:

1) Project Management

We do believe in a structured project management approach similar to what's found in the PMBOK. However, we strongly believe that everything we do must have a purpose and contribute to the efficiency or quality of the project deliverables. We have found that the "one size fits all" approach isn't typically effective and must be tailored for each client.

Therefore, we are somewhat flexible with our system development methodology. Our consultants are very well organized in their work and are highly adaptable to different environments. In addition, we can certainly work with our clients to make efficiency and quality changes to their system methodologies so that their future projects can benefit from our expertise.

2) Functional Lead

We have implemented packaged ERP software for several years. During that time we have developed extensive experience in its’ capabilities, limitations and adaptability to customizations. The reality is that almost every ERP packaged application requires some level of customizations to meet a client's needs and objectives. Our functional leads can identify the gaps between the delivered functionality and the necessary functionality and design customized solutions while still maintaining the integrity of the core product.

3) Technical Lead

Software needs to be very structured, easy to maintain and efficient in processing. Our technical leads ensure that all customizations meet that set of criteria. However, we usually don't attempt to "rewrite" the core pieces of the core application. It is important to maintain the integrity of the delivered system to maintain vendor support.

Offshore Resources
The reality is that in today’s global environment, many projects engage offshore resources in technical development.

However, effectively managing offshore resources requires a different set of techniques. The projected cost savings in using these resources can be greatly reduced if they are not correctly introduced to the project, given a clear set of objectives and managed appropriately given their differences (time zones, experience levels, culture, etc).

We have been successful in leading teams consisting of both onsite and offshore technical resources. We can effectively work with you existing offshore partners in your system development projects.

4) Testing Lead

Robust testing is critical to the success of any systems development project. We believe in conducting multiple tests that have different but overlapping objectives. It is important that each objective is clearly known before testing takes place and that the appropriate people are involved in each testing phase.

This is an area where we are able to effectively use our partnership with full-time staff members to ensure that all test plans include all relevant scenarios. For example - We find that many clients have custom programs/processes to input data into their ERP systems and to extract data from their ERP systems. These programs/processes can interface with other internal systems as well as external
vendors. We have found that engaging the subject manner experts in these
internal/external systems early in the project typically reduces overall testing time and ensures a more complete test.

Problems encountered after production implementation are usually caused by something unexpected. Our goal is to identify the majority of these during our test planning and make sure all are thoroughly tested.

Our consultants can manage all phases of testing.

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