Many consulting companies attempt to be everything for all clients. Our purpose is positively influence the key aspects of each project and to lower implementation risk. That involves engaging experienced client staff in the system development process. We find that although organizations share many of the same problems, each organization is truly unique.

It's our job to thoroughly understand the unique organizational qualities that can impact projects and deal with them effectively.

In order to achieve these goals, our consultants work in key leadership roles on the project team. We provide Project Managers, Functional Leads, Technical Leads and Testing Managers.

We strongly believe that a partnership between our consultants and a client's full-time employees provide the best overall recipe for success. We want to ensure that our clients' employees work alongside our consultants to achieve a sense of ownership and experience with their systems.

Our track record includes a substantial amount of repeat business. We have been serving some of the same clients for several years. This has allowed us to develop many key business relationships along with application specific knowledge so we can "hit the ground running" when we engaged in a new project.


ProCore was founded in 1998. We provide professional services for Human Capital management systems (Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits and Time and Labor).


We provide key leadership roles on HR systems related projects. These include:

1) Project Management


The goal of our consultants is the timely delivery of a systems solution that meets client expectations and is implemented with minimal risk.


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